Polk County Rural Broadband Expansion Project

Alyrica has partnered with Polk County to build the infrastructure needed to bring Broadband Internet to even the most rural areas of Polk County.

See Polk County’s Press Release Here.


How is Alyrica going to bring Broadband Internet to rural Polk County?

Alyrica primarily provides Internet access via Fixed Wireless technology. We have many towers located strategically around the area that “beam” the Internet signal to your home or business.

How does it work?

The expansion plan includes 3 main infrastructure components:

  1. Deploying equipment to large tower infrastructure in Polk County.
  2. Brand new ‘micro-tower’ sites that could be served by renewable energy (these types of towers are already deployed in our network).
  3. Several MicroPOP (“Point of Presence”) areas to fill in the gaps where the tower sites will not reach.

Currently we can serve about 50% of rural Polk County already!  For folks that inquire about service in an area we are currently building a tower in, we will contact you once we have built the tower site and your address is ready to be installed.

Addresses will move through 4 categories as the project progresses:

  1. Pending Coverage – This is a verified address in rural Polk County.
  2. Staged – These addresses are the next to come online as towers are currently being built.
  3. Serviceable – These addresses are now within our coverage area and we should be able to bring them online.
  4. Installed – These addresses are customer now connected to the Internet.

5 Step Process for Installation

Proven Process

If you would like to start the process to see if your address is able to get online, please visit our Coverage Page.