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Do You Know That Delivery Robot?

Alyrica, Tech Tips
Dax the delivery robot has been making deliveries around Philomath. If you live around Philomath you might have seen him making his way down main street on a delivery, or coming out of La Rockita with a burrito for a local customer. Most people seem to think that Dax is connected to or owned by…

Adapt: From the Old Routine to the New Frontier

I heard someone say recently that Humpty Dumpty isn’t going to go back together the same way.  COVID continues to change the field of play.  We can’t live on autopilot like we used to.  I had my routines for Monday going to the coffee shop to work on marketing; the Tuesday…

Prepare for Re-Entry: Getting Back to Life After COVID-19

Oregon is going to start opening up again. Friday last week, Governor Brown outlined the testing strategy being implemented to allow a phased re-opening of the state. From earlier statements, it sounds like with these guidelines in place, the reopening plans will be outlined this week.   I don’t think anyone can…