Corvallis Internet


Corvallis has excellent internet connectivity via it's four principal internet providers: Alyrica Internet, PEAK Internet (DSL), Qwest (DSL) and of course Comcast (Cable).  Everywhere can get at least 1.5mbit/s, though most locations can easily see 20+ mbit/s.


Business internet in Corvallis is similar to residential internet - all of the above providers service business locations as well.


Industrial / Commercial internet in Corvallis, also known as DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) is a different story.  While it is possible to get a T1  or T3 into many different locations, it is neither easy nor inexpensive.  Alyrica is far and away the best bet here since we are able to drop in dedicated service using our 100% digital packet network without relying on phone lines or other antiquiated technology.


We are able to service most locations in Corvallis with all classes of service.  A coverage map for Corvallis area internet service is available.  For more details or a free signal check, please call 541-929-3330.


If you are looking for Alyrica Networks' residential pricing, go here -- for Business internet services, go here. Or, just hover over the drop-down menu titled "Internet Services" in the above menu.